Audio Training For Filmmakers

Audio that sounds as good as your video looks

Not Complicated

Seriously! Technical does NOT have to mean complicated. Our clear and specific audio coaching will help you deliver fantastic audio to your clients.

Take Control

When you understand how audio behaves (and why), you can control it. Audio is predictable and we make it easy to understand.

Here are a few ingredients in the secret sauce


Get to the bottom of where your audio is falling apart. Don’t leave things to chance.


Did you know bit depth determines the range of how loud and how soft your recordings can be without distortion or noise?


Don’t accidentally lose viewer attention because something got a little too loud or just a little too soft to be understood.


WAIT! Don’t give in to the “I need better gear” voices in your head yet. Let us first help you get the most out of what you already own.


Have you ever experienced distortion or low level noise? Both are completely preventable! Really.


Turn the tables on noise. Noise is your best friend when you know how to use it properly.


Room tone – although almost always in disguise as noise – is regularly the super hero of post production.


It’s staggering the amount of time you can save in post production when mics are placed correctly. Become a mic placement ninja!

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$ 75

  • 2 Hours of Advanced Audio Training
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3 HOURSDeep Dive

$ 70

  • 3 Hours of Advanced Audio Training
  • Private 1 on 1 coaching
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Alexander’s training allowed me to change the way I do business and increase my earnings by more than 300%. I was working as a freelance photographer and began shooting video almost immediately when professional video on DSLR became an option. I started creating short promotional films for clients but was confronted was a huge problem - how to capture professional audio. I didn’t just want to create “pretty” films and add a music track. I wanted my clients to tell their stories - and their clients to give testimonials. I turned to Alexander for audio training. We started at the very beginning with simple tips and tricks. I was able to start using them immediately without any down time. After covering the basics I felt comfortable enough to dive into the more complicated aspects of audio production which have taken my client work from entry-level to advanced. Because of the training, I now confidently charge more and take on higher-end clients.

Greg DeakinsPhotographer/Videographer

You won't find a more informed and personable instructor anywhere.

Too many videographers are afraid of audio, but the modern generalist filmmaker with a handle on sound has a major advantage. I had my visuals at a level I was pleased with, but my audio needed help. Alex and Pro Audio IQ was exactly what I was looking for to get my audio on par with picture.

Jacob FennVideographer

Alex is an exemplary teacher.

His teaching style is methodical, clear, and patient. Moreover, he treats his students with the highest level of respect.

Yuval FuchsVideographer

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